Essence and balance

The fact of having the vineyards distributed throughout different municipalities makes possible taking advantage of the features of each piece of land, as well as the differences of each grape variety. That is why Bodegas Luis Gurpegui Muga is able to elaborate wines that show the potential and the features of each area.

The location of the vineyards is excellent to grow the vines, as it provides exceptional qualities to exploit. The renown of Luis Gurpegui Muga´s wines is because they only use grapes coming from its own vineyards in appellation Rioja and Navarra.

Each area and each valley of appellation Rioja has its own features, which depend on the existing relation between climate-ground-vine. Do not forget about the importance of the production techniques that have to be used in the elaboration. Together, they determine the personality of each wine.

These vineyards are located in the north of Spain, in the borders of the Ebro river, the greatest and the second larger river of our country. Its location is unique since there are some different climates joined here: Mediterranean and Atlantic. This fact makes possible to have optimal meteorological conditions to grow the vine, as there are soft temperatures and the rain does not exceed 400 liters/m2.

The characteristics of the soil of this region are also to be highlighted, as there is a physiological balance which is ideal for the growing of the vines. It is recommended for high quality viticulture.