Tradition and innovation

Since 1872

Luis Gurpegui Muga´s history goes back to the first years of the XX century, when Primitivo Gurpegui Muro created the first winery in San Adrián (Navarra). He was the first generation of the family. Luis Gurpegui Muga, his son, remodeled the facilities after his father´s death.

He took charge of the expansion of the wines throughout appellation Rioja, after lots of efforts and sacrifices. This expansion spread through appellation Navarra and Ribera del Guadiana too. This way, he started bottling some current brands such as: Viñadrián, Gurpegui, Monte Ory, Dominio de la Plana, Cinco Viñas, Rancho Viejo, etc.

This winery has been changed and widened throughout the years by the family Gurpegui. Nowadays, the winery has two main buildings, the last of which has been built in the last enlargement, in order to store up to 12,500 barrels and also be able to specialize in producing of Reserva and Gran Reserva wines. This new and modern building is perfectly equipped so that it is possible to achieve the highest quality.

Furthermore, these facilities are very suitable for tourism, being possible to observe all of the steps of the winemaking process in a unique way. They have tunnels in which there are concrete tanks, big spaces of elaboration, new stainless steel deposits and cutting-edge machinery.